Disaster Information Portal

An email received by Pakistan Link states:
People, please check the following site, constructed by my co-authors and myself with help from a lot of people in Pakistan. www.risepak.com . It is posted on the front page left hand side of todays’s world bank page for twenty four hours. www.worldbank.org
Using data from our research , we now have a full searchable, updatable, village level information out on the web. We have cooperation from the president of Pakistan’s office, NADRA, World Bank, UN disaster network, LUMS, HEC and others. This is being launched in Pakistan tomorrow. The latest satellite disaster info has been merged with administrative patwar circle level demographic and transportation maps to get access and disaster indices.
Please send this around to as many people as you can. There are more than 3000 villages in the affected areas. And information about those that have been reached is very sketchy. Coordination among relief agencies at the local level is extremely complicated particularly when we get away from the main road. We have an agreement with the Army to start getting us information from the army choppers and from their relief camps. But it is still slow. Winter is setting in. We have to move fast.
I am going to Pakistan on Friday as part of a World Bank/UN team for damage assessment and we hope to start working on cash transfers to the affected people as well as on other rehabilitation measures.


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