MoneyGram Network Open for Donations to American Red Cross Quake & Hurricane Relief

Minneapolis, Minn.: Following the recent earthquakes in South Asia and hurricanes and mudslides in Latin America, MoneyGram is waiving its fees on relief donations sent in the US to the American Red Cross for quake and Hurricane Stan victims. The no-fee contributions can be sent at MoneyGram agent locations or on the Internet through the company’s eMoney Transfer service through Nov. 30, 2005.
“With natural disasters around the globe creating so many hardships and tragedy, we hope our network can help deliver aid and hope to the many people who are suffering,” said Phil Milne, MoneyGram’s president and chief executive officer.
To make a no-fee donation to the Red Cross at a MoneyGram agent location, tell the agent that you wish to send a contribution through MoneyGram’s ExpressPayment service. For quake relief, use receive code 2542. For Hurricane Stan relief, the receive code is 2540.
Or, make an online donation by going to the MoneyGram eMoney Transfer site at Click on “Send Money Online.” On the eMoney Transfer site, set up a profile if you are a first-time user or sign into your existing profile and choose ExpressPayment Bill Payment. You may then select quake relief, receive code 2542, or Hurricane Stan relief, receive code 2540. Save the receipt for proof of the charitable contribution.
MoneyGram will also continue to waive its fee on donations sent to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina relief, receive code 3825, through the end of October.
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