As the Days Grow Shorter, Energy-efficient Lights
Save Money

It’s easy to “see” a light that wastes energy and money. Look for two types of energy-hogs – lights with incandescent bulbs and old fluorescent lights.

Replace Incandescent Bulbs for Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)
At work or at home, replace incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent lamps to save money. The basic bulb invented by Thomas Edison has changed little over the last 100 years. So using a standard incandescent is a bit like driving a Model-T – old fashioned and expensive!
Replacing old bulbs with ENERGY STAR®-qualified CFLs can save you up to 60% of energy and costs.

Use Lighting Controls and Commonsense
In places like bathrooms, hallways, closets and outdoor areas where people move in and out all day, install a lighting control that shuts off unneeded lights. Motion sensors, timers and photocells all reduce the number of hours lights are on, which lowers operating costs. Commonsense works, too. Teach employees and family to turn off unused lights with the best control of all – the fingertip!
Remember to open curtains or shades as the days get cooler. This lets in daylight, the highest quality light on earth, and it costs nothing.
Finally, by using lighting wisely you can also help the State prevent electrical emergencies. If you hear the Flex Your Power NOW! alert, your area is using too much energy. Turn off all unneeded lighting, appliances and equipment.
Use Efficient LEDs to Grab Attention
Illuminated signs are good to grab people’s attention, but color works even better. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are now widely available in an array of fun colors and make great business and exit signs. An LED exit sign, for example, uses 95% less energy than an incandescent one and 80% less than a fluorescent one. The LED sign also has a longer life: 25 years or more with little or no maintenance.

Replace T12 Fluorescents for T8s
At work, old and inefficient fluorescent lights are all too common. Everyone has seen them – long tubes casting harsh light, often with annoying flickering and humming. Compared to energy-smart T8 fluorescents, old T12s waste as much as 40% of the energy used, meaning that these cost you 40% too much on your monthly bill.
Energy-smart T8s, on the other hand, provide better light at less cost. Colors look more natural and the quality of light feels warmer. And, even better, T8s do not have the horrible flicker and hum.

Take Advantage of Free Money and Services
The State, local utilities and other providers offer a range of rebates and incentives to help you improve your lighting efficiency. It only takes a minute to save money! See what programs you are eligible for by visiting the Flex Your Power website at Our incentive finder lists more than 1,000 programs offered across the state, some of which replace inefficient lights at no cost to you.



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