Stars Converge on Sacramento

Guests at the function

It was an evening to remember when several stars got together in Sacramento to celebrate a special birthday. Janice Miller, Anisha Bakshi, Sirpunj (also known as T.J.Kool), Akbar Lakhani, and Myza Yang came to grace the event. There was manifest joy, happiness, and cheers everywhere in a beautifully decorated hall of the Unitarian Universal Society of Sacramento.

The evening started with a recitation from the Holy Qur’an by Imam Mumtaz Qasmi. A delicious six-course dinner, both vegetarian and no- vegetarian prepared especially for the occasion, was enjoyed by everyone present. The master of ceremony Annie Akhtar, who is socially and culturally active in the Pakistani community in the San Francisco Bay area, performed a superb job.

Shawn Sattar

It seems like no event is complete without the Laotian Asian Michi or Myza Yang. A beautiful Asian young girl, Myza Yang was invited to entertain the audience. She and her younger sister performed beautiful dances on some famous songs. Myza is a professional dancer who was inspired by her cousin Michi Yang who also excels as a dancer. Myza is planning on using the money earned from her dancing career to pay for her college education. Her younger sister is new to the show biz industry and has just made her debut.

Akbar Lakhani who is an established Star, came all the way from Indiana to perform. The audience was drawn to the dance floor by Akbar’s beautiful songs. Some of his songs included “Shava, Shava” and “Kul ho na ho”.
Janice Miller, the main performer came pouring her heart out to entertain the audience. Of course, she does what she always does and performed superbly. It can be said, and rightly so, that people dance to her songs till they drop.
The star of the show was of course Mr. Shawn Sattar, who was celebrating his 13th birthday. It has been a tradition to celebrate Shawn’s birthday every year with great enthusiasm and he will be back next year with an even bigger party and more entertainment.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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