US Muslims Craft Outreach Programs
By Suzanne Sataline

Calling the terrorist attacks on London a wake-up call, Muslim-American organizations have launched a number of programs that are designed, in part, to prevent or root out disgruntled Muslims who might be tempted to use their religion to justify violence.
Last month, the Muslim Public Affairs Council started the Muslim-American Project on 37 college campuses. It is an effort to teach Muslim college students that they are part of U.S. society and to guide them in participating in civic activities, such as elections, said Ahmed Younis, national director of the council, which has offices in Los Angeles and Washington. The council plans to add 20 mosques to the project, which is designed to teach mosque leaders transparency and the benefits of civic involvement.
Since May 2004, council officials have traveled to Muslim centers across the country, prompting Muslim leaders to work with local police and federal investigators who may be watching for terrorist cells… (Courtesy Wall Street Journal, 9/6/05)


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