DIL Fundraiser in Los Angeles
By Naushad Sarwar

Mr. and Mrs. N.M. Jadmani
Mr. and Mrs. Gajiani
An award for Mariam Rashid
A group of invitees

Los Angeles: Educating children and empowering communities are the goals that come to one’s mind if one thinks of an organization called DIL. The elite of the Pakistani-American community in Los Angeles never let an opportunity to help such organizations go by whenever a fundraiser is held. And so they came in large numbers to attend the DIL fundraiser on Sunday, September 11, 2005 at Hilton LAX to support DIL’s laudable cause.

Husain Rokerya and guests
Ahmed Ali, Perveen Ali and family
Farooq Vakil, Zahir Zubair, Fiza Shah, Shaza Sattar

Established in Southern California in 1997, DIL has the mission to promote literacy among the less privileged segment of Pakistan’s rural population, especially girls. Its Board of Trustees operating in Pakistan is constantly engaged in the struggle to give an impetus to the program. A US-based Executive Board also plays its due role in giving a boost to the organization’s funding.
The evening’s proceedings started with a recitation from the Holy Qur’an. The event was competently emceed by Mr. Zahir Zubair. Consul General Noor M. Jadmani was among those who graced the occasion. “I am deeply thankful to DIL’s team for playing such a role in education. I have personally observed that the organization is strengthening the fabric of our society,” Mr. Jadmani observed.

Glimpses of the fashion show
Hasan Shaharyar Yasin with a group of models

The keynote speaker, Mr. Farooq Vakil, then addressed the gathering. “DNA to life is what education is to a society”, Mr. Vakil claimed as he showed his deep appreciation for DIL’s efforts to impart education to the rural masses in Pakistan.
In her speech on the occasion, DIL Chairperson Mrs. Fiza Shah, expressed her gratitude to community members for their constant and generous support. “We couldn’t be there where we are without you”, she remarked. The “drop rate has gone to 0% from 50% indicating the team effort and dedication for the cause” is bearing fruit, she informed the gathering.
Mrs. Mariam Rashid, Los Angeles Chapter Board Member, thanked all members and volunteers for helping the cause of DIL.


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