Arizona Governor Meets Pakistani-American Community

Governor Napolitano addresses the Pakistani-American community

The governor and the host

Phoenix, AZ: For the first time in the history of Arizona, a sitting State Governor visited a Pakistani or a Muslim residence in Arizona. Governor Napolitano gave all her evening time to the hosts, Yasmeen and Arif Kazmi, and their friends and prominent members of the community in Phoenix.
It was a gathering of about 200 key people and there was an interesting and lengthy Q & A session between the Governor and the community.
The Consul General of Pakistan Mr. Noor M Jadmani and Mrs. Jadmani, the Attorney General of Arizona Mr Terry Goddard, State Senator Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Mitchell, US Senator candidate Mr. Jim Pederson, many other distinguished guests and high-ranking officials were in attendance.. Mr. Asim Ameer, Ms. Sobia Naqvi and Ms. Lubna Ahmad made the evening beautiful by being the MCs of the event.

Tasting the Pakistani delicacies
Arif Mansuri: Services recognized

Late in the evening while leaving, the Governor said, "…it is the most wonderful community that Mr Kazmi brought to mingle with today". She promised another visit before leaving.
It was an important event of Arizona.
The pictures show the Governor entering the Kazmi residence, speaking with the community and enjoying the Pakistani dishes.


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