ISNA to Establish Interfaith Office in Washington

Plainfield, IN: The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is establishing an Office of Interfaith and Community Relations (IOICR) in the nation's capital. Interfaith activity has been the cornerstone of ISNA activities, and has been wholeheartedly endorsed by its affiliates and other Islamic organizations across the US and Canada.
The establishment of an ISNA office in metropolitan Washington DC area in spring, is in response to the emerging realities and new opportunities for ISNA to build greater strength in fulfilling its mission. The IOICR will r work to increase good relations and understanding between Muslim Americans and their government agencies and Congressional representatives.
Considering the importance that ISNA and Muslim Americans attach to interfaith engagement, the ISNA Secretary General Dr. Sayyid Muhammad Syeed is relinquishing his current position to serve as the first National Director of the IOICR. As National Director of ISNA's Office of Interfaith and Community Relations, Dr. Syeed will build on the relationships ISNA has already developed with diverse interfaith, religious and social service organizations to engage American Muslim communities in addressing the spiritual and ethical challenges of the twenty-first century.
Dr. Syeed brings extensive credentials to his new appointment. He has a doctorate in Sociolinguistics and has served as ISNA Secretary General for 12 years. He has been actively involved in fostering understanding among the world's religions and has developed significant interfaith alliances at different levels in the US, Canada, and internationally. Accordingly, the search for a new Secretary General for the national headquarters of ISNA in Plainfield, IN is now underway. Mr. Ahmed El-Hattab is serving as the Acting Secretary General of ISNA during this interim period. Mr. El-Hattab has been with ISNA for 23 years. He has served as Assistant Secretary General and currently is Executive Director of ISNA Development Foundation.


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