Alamgir’s Superb Performance at Birthday Party
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Alamgir with Mr. and Mrs. Sarfaraz Khan

Shahnoor and Mahnoor with parents, Fawad Khan and Afshan Khan

Alamgir, well-known singer, gave a scintillating performance at the Shahnawaz Restaurant on Saturday, April 1 at the birthday party of Shahnoor and Mahnoor, twin granddaughters of Mr. Sarfaraz Khan, CEO, Khan Construction Company.
The invitees thoroughly enjoyed the musical program and heartily applauded the versatile singer as he sang a number of popular hits of the past.

The food was enjoyable and seemed to match Alamgir’s superb performance.
Quite a few invitees felt that Alamgir gave one of the best performances of his lifetime. Quipped one, “He seemed to be enjoying his own performance. He took us back to the 80s when his songs were part of every day life. He was amazing.”


Some of the invitees who were enraptured by Alamgir’s performance

Alamgir had flown all the way from Atlanta to perform at the birthday party. He did not seem to tire after singing consecutively for a number of hours. “We were there till 2:30am,” said the host. The invitees were glued to their seats as if mesmerized by Alamgir.



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