Keeping Hope Alive
By Naushad Sarwar

L to R: Consul General Jadmani, Rashid Latif, Shakeel Syed, Anwar Khan, Aisha Wahab, a speaker, Haris Tarin and Brother Muhammed

Anaheim, CA: In an effort to ensure continued support for the victims of the earthquake that rocked the northern parts of Pakistan on October 8, 2005, Islamic Relief Worldwide ( held an impressive fundraiser at the Sheraton Anaheim on April 2, 2006. More than eight hundred guests attended the event on the Sunday afternoon and donated generously to show their support for the victims.
The rescue effort has been consistently supported by former Pakistani cricket captain Mr. Rashid Lateef who has been in the affected area and has worked continuously with Islamic Relief, the first relief agency to reach the catastrophe-hit area. Moin Khan, another big name in Pakistan cricket, could not make it as he had faced visa problems. Consul General Noor Muhammed Jadmani graced the evening to ensure that the drive to raise funds for the quake victims sustains its momentum and enjoys the continued support of the community.
“This is our obligation to gather ourselves and reach out those whose dignity doesn’t allow to ask for help,” Mr. Shakeel Siddique told the audience. He also congratulated Islamic Relief for providing an opportunity to participate in the colossal mission of rebuilding the lives and restoring the hope of the earthquake victims. “It is always a handful of people who bring out a positive change and tonight we will do our part in doing precisely that. Hope is the epitome of human life and endeavor,” Mr. Shakeel Siddique added.

Above: Guests at the Islamic Relief Fundraiser

Consul General Jadmani who is liked by one and all in the Pakistani-American community and has rendered valuable services since 2003, extended his felicitations to the community for having supported the noble cause in a big way. “ I thank the famous Rashid Lateef and Moin Khan for their continued efforts not only in cricket but in times when Pakistan needed them for their stamina, courage and devotion for such a catastrophe,” Mr. Jadmani commented. He also commended the role of Islamic Relief in the rescue, relief, rehabilitation, and reconstruction effort.
Mr. Rashid Lateef described the magnitude of the calamity faced by the victims of the October 2005 disaster. The mammoth shock has definitely brought the Pakistani community together worldwide like a sporting team that wins the match even at tough times, he added. He tearfully urged the audience to contribute generously to the earthquake relief effort. The count of families who lost their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, and even all members, was appreciably high.
A video describing the disaster that descended the northern areas on October 8, 2005 left the audience breathless and teary-eyed. The video also detailed the amenities that Islamic Relief was able to provide to the affected population.
Mr. Haris Tarin emceed the event and commented that the Los Angeles community had once again proved that it would never let Islamic Relief down and would rise to the occasion to keep hope alive.



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