McCloskey Reaches out to Hundreds of Muslim voters in Stockton

Stockton, CA: Former US congressman Pete McCloskey, who is again a candidate in the US Congressional Dist 11, April 7 reached out to hundreds of Muslim voters in Stockton with the primary purpose to register unregistered Muslim voters. He was speaking at a meeting organized by Mr. K. Saif at AMA’s behest.
Others, including Maad Abu-Ghazalah, a two-time former candidate for US Congress, and local activist K. Saif, were also there to urge the Muslim community to register to vote, and exercise the power of their vote for those candidates who support civil liberty and human rights for everyone.
Mr. McCloskey urged the proper method of registering voters because even a slight error or omission can cause the County Office of Voter Registration to reject the application.
The AMA representatives Asim Khan and Hilmi Khelifa talked to many Muslim voters, who after being guided to registering themselves were willing to help register others including their wives, children and other closely related family members.
The Muslim community has been in Stockton for 50 years and mostly comprises farm workers. It is encouraging to see that most of them are willing to get involved in the electoral process.
Mr. Asim Khan is currently organizing a network of Muslim activists throughout Northern California. Those wanting to join this network can contact him at 510-252–9894.


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