World Memon Organization Creates a Stir in Chicago

Above: Glimpses of the World Memon Organization function in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois: April 8, 2006 proved a memorable night in Chicago, IL. It was the first time in the history of Chicago that delegates from the World Memon Organization came to this city on this day to raise awareness about the organization. The program was put together by the Memon Association of America, Chicago Chapter. This idea of introducing the WMO delegation to the Memon community of Chicago was the brain-child of Sajid Chotani, who was thrilled at the success of the program and admitted that it was truly a milestone event in Chicago.
The event was organized at the Ramada Inn of Glendale Heights, which was filled to capacity. The massive media campaign run by Mr. Afzal Sodagar, the Chair of Media Relations, attracted a vast audience from all across Chicago and neighboring States. Mr. Sodagar expressed thanks to all the media representatives present at the event. More than 400 people enjoyed the event, which had speeches and presentation from the WMO delegates and the leaders of Memon Association of America (Chicago). The WMO presentation made by Mansoor Ahmed showcased the involvement of WMO in Pakistan, India, South Africa and other countries. The speech by Haji A. Razzak Yakoob Gandhi, the President of WMO and the Chairman of the ARY Group, was the highlight of the event. He addressed the gathering in the community’s own language, Memoni. He encouraged the community to get involved in humanitarian efforts and urged r unity in the Memon community. He also announced a $50,000 donation for Chicago’s Muslim Community Center after an inspiring speech by MCC President, Dr. Sattar. Among the speakers were Mr. Ghaffar Fancy, the Chief Operating Officer of WMO; Mr. Bashir Sattar, the founder Trustee of WMO and the General Secretary of WMO Relief Fund; Mr. Amin Fatani, the current President of the Memon Association of America Chicago; and Mr. Sajid Chotani, the chair person of the event. At this epic event, the Memon Association also paid a tribute to its founder and first President Mr. Ilyas Moten who received a standing ovation from the crowd.
The masters of ceremony were two young individuals, Jibran Ilyas and Zeeshan Farooq. The comedy skits presented by them in between the speeches were duly applauded not only by the organizers of the event, but all the guests and the audience. Their d flawless presentation will be remembered by the attendees for a long, long time. The WMO delegation also commended the involvement of the youth in community affairs and expressed high hopes in Jibran and Zeeshan.
The awards ceremony conducted by Haji A. Razzak Yakoob, Bashir Akuly, Tofik Moten and Amin Fatani extended recognition to all past presidents of the Memon Association of America, Chicago. Those who received awards included Ilyas Moten,. Amin Fatani, Wahid Butt, Ahmed K. Jangda, Noor Mohammed Majeed,. Rafiq Zaveri,. Rafiq Mota,. Ghulam Panawala, Arif Balagam,. Ghaffar Varind. Usmania Fine Dining and Brown’s Chicken (Halal) also received awards for their support. There was a special award for Dr. Mujahid Ghazi, Chairman of Asian Broadcasting Network for his dedication to community service.The Grand Sponsor for the program was the Usmania Group of Chicago, while the dinner was served by Chicago’s Sabri Nehari.
A good number of the attendees became members of the World Memon Organization and showed full support for its cause.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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