Film on Western Muslims


Usman Khalid

A documentary highlighting the Muslim views on the issues touching their lives in Europe and America has been recently produced. It has been screened at universities in NYC and Washington DC and will be shown in Boston later this month.
The film carries interviews with six professors and nine other people on both sides of the Atlantic. Details are available at HTTP://, and also includes a two-minute clip of the film.
The film has been produced and directed by Usama Khalidi, an independent documentary filmmaker and freelance writer based in Sterling, VA. It has been filmed in Washington, DC, Copenhagen, Berlin, London and Paris.
In the documentary, One Pakistani Muslim professor in Copenhagen addresses the issue of the Prophet’s cartoons. Two other professors speak of their fears of an anti-Muslim holocaust, something that was ignored by almost all writers during the past few months’ spate of news analyses.
Quotes from the film:
“The next holocaust will be against the Muslims.” -- Ziauddin Sardar, professor, The City University, London.
“(The French media) . . . chooses to ignore Muslim fears of an anti-Islamic holocaust.” – Saddek Sellam, professor, the University
of Le Mans and author of La France et ses Musulmans.

“Hate speech in Danish media has become normalized.” – Mustafa Hussain, lecturer, University of Copenhagen.
“The language of racism has changed . . . from the biological to the cultural.” -- Grada Kilomba, lecturer, Humboldt University, Berlin.
“Islamophobia has replaced anti-Semitism in Britain and Europe.”– William Dalrymple, author of White Mughals.
“America has matured . . . “– Suleyman Nyang, professor, Afro-American Studies, Howard University.
“In 2003, I ran for the county board of supervisors . . .” – Afeefa Saeed, school principal.


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