Play on the Vibrant Cultures of Karachi

Friends of South Asia is co-sponsoring staged readings of the play Kala Pul - The Black Bridge, a creation of San Francisco based playwright, Saqib Mausoof.
Kala Pul chronicles the cultural, political, and religious conflicts of fictional characters in 21st century Karachi - a teeming metropolis of 15 million in Pakistan, which is a frontline state in the "war on terrorism". The play is a kaleidoscope on the vibrant cultures of Karachi, described as one of the most violent cities of the world.
The title, Kala Pul, is based on a bridge in the city which connects the affluent parts to the lower income area. Arsalan (the protagonist) grew up under the shadows of the Kala Pul, caught between the two worlds of haves and have-nots, one world of MTV inspired 'burgers' and other of the left behind fodder for the Kalashinikov culture.
For more details, play synopsis, cast and crew info, and tickets, please visit
FRI, MAY 5, 7.30 PM @ Mehran Restaurant, NEWARK
SAT, MAY 6, 8 PM @ Cellspace, SAN FRANCISCO



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