Cheney Meets First Muslim Elected Official of Illinois

Vice President Dick Cheney meets Moon Khan

Chicago: Moin Moon Khan, York Township Trustee, met with US Vice President Dick Cheney recently when he visited Chicago. He was one of the very few persons who greeted him at the Air Force 2.
In the brief meeting, Khan took time to share his thoughts as the first Muslim elected official of Illinois. On learning Khan's Muslim identity, the Vice President commended him for participating in the electoral process of the country. Calling him a role model, the Vice President urged Muslims to take full advantage of the national resources and institutions. Khan told Vice President Cheney, "American Muslims are true patriots like any group of the American society. If Muslims disagree with certain government policies, it shows that they care about this country and they want to make it better and keep it better."
Despite his busy schedule, Cheney signed an autograph for Khan' son, Shaan Khan, who is now 12 years old and has interest in politics. Two years ago, Shaan got elected as President of his school's Students Council, which was quite an achievement for him because his school had less than 1 percent students of any ethnic origin, other than Caucasians.
Mr. Cheney came to Chicago to attend a fundraiser for a Republican Congressional candidate, State Senator Peter Roskam. Founding President of Asian American Caucus of DuPage County, Khan serves as Asian/Ethnic Advisor to Peter Roskam for Congress campaign (


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