Indian Doctor Sponsors 25,000 Copies of ‘The Muslim American Dream’

Dr Arjun Daluvoy, a prominent Southern California cardiovascular surgeon who also heads World Entertainment Media Company, was so moved by Sheeraz’s memoirs, "The Muslim American Dream," that he agreed to distribute 25,000 copies of the book.
“I am a devout Hindu, but as soon as I found out about this sponsorship program after reading Sheeraz’s wonderful autobiography, I was inspired to give away 25,000 copies on my own behalf as a personal way to foster peace and harmony among all the religions,” he said.
With the India and Pakistan Independence Day festivals being held throughout Southern California this month, Daluvoy announced that he will be giving Sheeraz’s autobiography away free to thousands of people
“As a Hindu, he is embracing a Muslim,” Sheeraz Hasan exclaimed. “Dr Daluvoy believes so much in our efforts to build a positive image of Muslims around the world and finds my story so inspiring that he wants to let as many people as possible know that anyone can live the American Dream.”
Sheeraz added, “In light of the recent bombings in India and the ongoing skirmishes between Hindus and Muslims, it is extremely important to spread the word that Islam is a peaceful religion with millions of peaceful followers and that Muslims and Hindus can peacefully live together. Our goal is to build bridges between all communities, and through the book’s sponsorships, the book, and our message, will be distributed to people of all religious backgrounds.”


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