ICIE Raises $225,000


Left to right: Dr. Muzzamil Siddiqi, Dr. Ahmad Sakr, Dr. Shoaib C. Patail and Dr. Arif Hyder

he Islamic Center of Inland Empire (ICIE) organized a fund-raising dinner on Saturday, July 29, 2006 at the Bronco Student Center in California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California.
The event was attended by 600 guests, including men, women, and children from various parts and walks of life of Southern California. The event was also attended by members of other Islamic centers (Islamic Center of Garden Grove, King Fahd Mosque, Islamic Society of Corona-Norco, Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley, and Islamic Center of Claremont).
The keynote speaker of the evening was Dr. Muzzamil Siddiqi, president of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California. He shed the light on the importance and the role of the masjid in the community. Br. Arif Hyder was the master of the ceremony (MC). Dr. Shoaib Patail, Brs. Shahid Razzak and Shakil Patel presented the history, financial report and the main masjid project respectively. Br. Suhail Abdullah and Sr. Shahana presented the Sunday School, Youth and Camp Ansaar programs. The students of the center also participated in the program. Dr. Ahmed Sakr, director of the Islamic Education Center, conducted the fund-raising part of the program graciously.
The mission of the Islamic Center of Inland Empire is to establish a comprehensive center promoting Islamic values and reflecting excellence in serving the needs of the community. It also seeks to provide a self-sufficient facility on a non-profit basis for religious, educational and recreational activities of Muslims in the area.

Left to right: Dr. Mohammad Imtiazuddin, Dr. Shahid Razzak and Dr. Shakil Patel

The Center was founded in 1992 in a warehouse on 9th Street by a few families in the City of Rancho Cucamonga to take care of the religious, cultural and social needs of the Muslims in the area. The center was established not only to serve as a place of worship, but also as a place for holding community events, including interfaith events, educational lectures on the peaceful message and teaching of Islam, and after-school alternatives for children and youth.
The number of the Muslim community in the Inland Empire exceeds 10,000 and it is in need of a central multipurpose facility. After conducting a short survey of Muslims in the area, it was clear that the community preferred a facility that has a capacity to accommodate future growth and provide a variety of religious, educational and recreational activities. Such a facility will also go a long way in establishing a strong presence of Muslims in the United States.
Recognizing the rapid growth and the need of our Muslim community, the existing property was purchased in 1998. The Islamic Center of Inland Empire lies in the heart of Rancho Cucamonga, covering over 2.98 acre land. The center is located at 9212 Baseline Road on the northern side of Baseline Road in Rancho Cucamonga between Archibald Blvd., to the east, and Lion Street to the west. The center obtained non-profit organization status in 2000.
The construction project of the new Masjid has been divided into two phases.
Phase I (2002 – 2003) consisted of the major cleaning, and grading of the land. Fifty (50) parking spaces, including handicapped spaces, were constructed. The boundary walls on the east, west and north sides were erected to provide privacy to neighbors. One of the neighbors at the north side was kind enough to provide Emergency Fire Access from his front yard. The street and driveway underwent improvement to comply with city requirements.
The center obtained ‘commercial’ status for the existing building and changed the ‘residential’ status of the entire property. Once ‘commercial’ status was obtained, the center converted the residential building to a prayer hall, classrooms, an office and storage.
The existing building has three entrances. The main entrance for the brothers is located at the eastern side of the building; it leads to the main prayer hall. The first entrance at the north end serves as an emergency exit, and the second entrance at the north end has been reserved for sisters. The sisters enjoy two, sometimes three, rooms during ‘jumuah’. Classes are held in the same buildings.
Phase II (2004 – in progress) included the construction of an additional one hundred and nine (109) parking spaces including handicapped spots. A trash enclosure was built at the northeast end of the building, for future needs. Finally, an Emergency Fire Lane Access Driveway was carpeted.
Shakil Patel & Associates, Architecture Engineering Company was selected for the design of the new building. They worked diligently with the city, and by the grace of Almighty Allah, on Oct 4, 2005; the city approved the architectural drawings of the main building. In addition, they also obtained the Cucamonga Valley Water District Firs Release. Underground gas and sewer lines service, and fire and water line services were then put into place. Precise grading was done by S. K. Construction who later was awarded the contract for the building of the future Mosque.
On Friday June 16, 2006, the ground-breaking ceremony event was held. Members of the center and various community representatives including Bill Alexander and Spagnolo Sam Spagnolo, the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Rancho Cucamonga respectively participated in the event. In the week following groundbreaking, work began on the construction of the foundation of the main building.
The Masjid will be set at an angel with respect to the other buildings on the street. This is to allow the main prayer hall to point in the direction of Mekkah.
The surface area of the building is 12,900 sq ft. The building is a blend of eastern and western architecture. There will be two minarets, a dome at the main entrance, and a cathedral ceiling. The building will be surrounded by patios on all four corners.
The main entrance will lead to Atrium or foyer. The inside of the building will be comprised of administrative office, separate wadu (ablution) areas, state of the art library with audio-visual system, class rooms equipped with computers, multipurpose rooms, kitchen, mezzanine for sisters and the main prayer hall.
The remaining construction of the phase II will be implemented according to the availability of funds and other resources. By the Grace of Almighty Allah and with the help of the participants, the event was very successful and was able to raise $225,000 (cash, checks and pledges) donation. “In order to continue the ongoing construction, we seek your continuous benevolence and generous donations,” says a message.


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