Shura Council Expresses Sorrow on Loss of Life in Lebanon


From right to left: Mohammed A.Aleem, Shakeel Syed, Dafer Dakhil, Consul General Charbel Wehbe, Hussam Ayloush and Amr Saemaldahr

Los Angeles, CA: A Shura Council led delegation met with the Consul General of Lebanon, Mr. Charbel Wehbe at his offices in Los Angeles to express sorrow and concern on the loss of life and property in Lebanon by the destruction caused in the recent war.
The Consul General briefed the delegation and explained that Lebanon is a multi-faith society with eighteen different religions. The loss of life and destruction is all across the faith groups and ethnicities. He also said this was the most intense war in the history of Arab world.
Mr. Wehbe said that Lebanese are a dignified people and they will continue to defend the country and its people irrespective of the aggressor’s strength and intensity of aggression. He also added that the Lebanese people are determined in maintaining the dignity and honor of their nation and its proud people.
The Consul General said that the Israeli bombing on Lebanon is “our 9/11” and we will undoubtedly rise from the ashes and rebuild our country better than before. He thanked the Arab and other nations for their solidarity and material help in this regard.
He expressed his hope that the UN resolution will be respected. He reiterated that Hezbollah is a legitimately elected party in the Lebanese Government with over 20% of seats in the parliament. Mr. Wehbe also said that because of failed US/Israeli policies and utopian dreams, the Lebanese people might now support Hezbollah even more by giving them a larger share in the Lebanese Government.
The Consul General thanked the Shura Council and its delegates for the visit and appreciated the gesture of solidarity and support by the communities of Southern California.
The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California is an independent organization of over seventy Islamic centers, mosques and Muslim organizations serving over five hundred thousand Muslims of Southern California. It draws its inspiration from the Divine injunctions of “working together” and “conducting all matters with mutual consultation” (Qur’an 3:103 & 42:39).


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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