US Citizens Thank Pakistan

New York: A number of US citizens have written letters expressing their gratitude to Pakistan for its important role in foiling the alleged British airline bomb plot and helping in the broader war on terror.
In letters addressed to Pakistan UN Ambassador Munir Akram, they said the active and timely help of the Pakistan govt., especially the work done by the ISI, prevented a disaster of great magnitude with all its consequences.
A typical letter is one sent by Chuck Schlakman, a retired hotelier, who said: “Speaking for millions of proud and grateful Americans, we hasten to take this opportunity to sincerely express our vigorous appreciation for the exceptional role generated by your govt.’s ISI.
“A sincere heartfelt thank you to Pakistan’s ISI for their unwavering courage and relentless commitment to world peace now and ad infinitum. Bravo! Bravo!”
Other letters expressed similar sentiments.


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