Good Muslims Are Good Americans

By Safia Meek

It is impossible to reply adequately to all of the statements made in Mr. Stapleton's letter in just a few words. However, let me assure you that what Mr. Stapleton's Marine turned minister friend told him about Islam is completely wrong. Islam is the continuation of the same message that prophets Abraham, Moses and even Jesus taught: that there is one God, a Heaven and a Hell, and that we are responsible for our beliefs and actions.
This responsibility includes treating our families, neighbors, coworkers, friends, and even those who do not like us with honor, fairness and respect. Islam does not teach hate for Christians or Jews. Rather, the Qur’an calls them the "People of the Book." It teaches Muslims to be careful with your choice of friends and to not be influenced by those who try to keep you from faith.
Allah is Arabic for "The God" meaning that The God is the one creator of the universe; the same god that Christians and Jews worldwide believe in. Bibles used by Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews use the term "Allah."
Islam is not against democracy. In fact, the first country to recognize the newly declared American constitution was Morocco, a majority Muslim country.
Muslims in America need not be afraid. Good Muslims are good Americans, neighbors, coworkers, friends and family. I request everyone to go to educated sources to learn about Islam such as
Saffia Meek, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Dallas/Fort Worth chapter, Dallas (Courtesy Lufkin Daily News, 8/18/06)



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