MPAC Welcomes Ruling


From left: Bob Schoch (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), Kevin Weeks (Customs and Border Protection), Ahmed Ali (Council of Pakistan American Affairs), Bob Peirce (British Consul General), Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca, Salam Al-Marayati and Stephen Tidwell (FBI Los Angeles Field Office)

Washington, DC: The Bush administration suffered another striking defeat August 17 when a federal judge in Detroit ruled that the NSA’s “Terrorist Surveillance Program” was in violation of the Constitution, and ordered an immediate and permanent halt to the Bush administration’s warrantless eavesdropping.
“Today’s ruling is a victory for all Americans who uphold the sanctity free speech and privacy under the Constitution,” said MPAC Executive Director Salam Al-Marayati. “Although an appeal is expected, MPAC commends the decision of US District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor to prevent the administration from directly or indirectly engaging in surveillance which violates the Constitution’s guarantee against unreasonable searches.”
“Today’s ruling is a landmark victory against the abuse of power that has become the hallmark of the Bush administration,” said ACLU Director Anthony D. Romero in a written statement. “Government spying on innocent Americans without any kind of warrant and without Congressional approval runs counter to the very foundations of our democracy.”


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