Pakistan to Be in Focus at Harvard Seminar

Washington, DC:: A seminar on ‘State Aggression and Its Repercussions on Human Rights,’ the main point of focus being Pakistan, will be held at Harvard on December 5.
Organized by Pakistani journalist and human rights activist Beena Sarwar and moderated by Boston-based Pakistani academic Adil Najam, the main themes of the one-day event are: ‘State Aggression: The Broader Issues’ (speakers Hussain Haqqani on how US foreign policy plays into the issue and Hassan Abbas on Pakistan’s domestic and foreign policy), ‘State Aggression: Legal and Individual Cases’ (speakers Lawrence Lifschultz and Charlie Sennott), ‘The Impact of State Aggression on the Media’(speakers Nasim Zehra on the media and the Balochistan/Waziristan issue, Bob Dietz on the media in Pakistan and Imtiaz Ali on being a journalist in the NWFP), and a concluding group discussion on ‘State Aggression in Pakistan, Its Impact within the Country and on South Asia and Beyond’.
The discussants are expected to include Andy McCord (South Asia specialist), Murtaza Solangi, Voice of America filmmakers Liz Gould and Paul Fitzgerald, Martin Lau of Harvard University, Shahla Haeri of Boston University, Amy Waldman (former South Asia correspondent of New York Times) and journalists Eliza Griswold and Jill Carroll.



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