New Works in Oils by Nasreen Haroon
By Anila Ali

Glimpses of the inaugural ceremony of the exhibition

First impressions do count. As I walked into the exhibition hall, I had a particular landscape on my mind. It was the one on the invitation card; thus it was as if this particular landscape was enticing me with its vibrant assemblage of bright colors, incessantly haunting me. And sure enough, I was, unintentionally, looking for it as I walked into the Schomburg Gallery, Santa Monica. Alas, my search was over; I was surrounded by Nasreen's beautiful work of art.
The one that had tickled my fancy was of Tuscany, Italy. It was a very lively and cheerful piece of work. She had captured the essence of the Tuscany landscape. As I gazed deeper into it, a feeling of hope overtook me.
Nasreen's vision of the world is full of hope; her colors are bright yet sensitive. Her paintings uplift one's spirit and promise hope and new beginnings. In many of her paintings, it seems time stood still for her and she was able to capture the rolling farmlands and the subtle changes of color, light and climate. Her oil paintings are like a camera to the world producing many different pictures of familiar and some unfamiliar places. Nasreen's seascapes of Santa Monica bear a resemblance to the tropical landscapes of the Karachi she is a native of.
Nasreen's work will be on display until December 2nd, 2006 at the Schombury Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave, E3A, Santa Monica, CA 90404.
Apart from being an accomplished artist, she is a spokesperson for the Muslim community in Los Angeles. She devotes much of her time to interfaith dialogues and is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of our culture and religion in her adopted country.
You can see some of her work on her website



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