PICO Has a New Secretary

Ms. Zarina Jaffer has taken over as Secretary of the Pakistan Information and Cultural Organization (PICO). She has replaced Mr. Kamran Shah.
Ms. Zarina Jaffer and her husband Mr. Salim Jaffer have been active volunteers. Of PICO. Over the years Zarina has successfully led the PICO Performing Arts while Salim has been actively involved in the PICO educational programs.
The Jaffer family has volunteered 100's of hours at PICO volunteering and community events and continues to support the organization.
Ms. Zarina Jaffer is also the leader of the Ismaili community in Metro Phoenix.
Announcing the appointment of Ms. Zarina Jaffer, a PICO message says: “We would like to thank Mr. Kamran Shah for his dedication; he has been an asset and a strong leader. He has led the organization through critical times and volunteered generously. We wish him continued success in his move to Las Vegas , Nevada.”


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