FOP President Meets Amin Faheem

From left: Sarfaraz Khan, Makhdoom Amin Faheem, Tahir
Hussain and Tariq Ghaznavi

Mr. Makhdoom Amin Faheem, President, Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians, paid a short visit to Los Angeles recently during which he met Mr. Sarfaraz Khan, President Friends of Pakistan, USA.
The meeting was part of the FOP’s program to promote goodwill and understanding between political leaders of Pakistan and the Pakistani-American community in the United States.
Friends of Pakistan is “not affiliated with any political party within Pakistan or outside of Pakistan including the Pakistan People Party (PPP),” says a press release. ‘”It operates as a non-profit organization and aims to provide a platform to Pakistani Americans at the grassroots level to strengthen Pakistan-US ties and to serve as a bridge between Pakistani-Americans and the community at large,” the press release adds. The press release also defines the objectives of the FOP: Promote goodwill, understanding and friendship among Pakistani-Americans and community at large; organize national, cultural and social events to promote art, music, literature and other cultural aspects of Pakistani life; educate the community on political, social and economic issues and raise awareness of their rights and responsibilities; organize trade shows, food festivals and traditional shows and create a network to locate business opportunities for community members; and coordinate efforts to present the Pakistani community's perspective on various issues.


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