Shura Council Discusses Hajj Travel Arrangements with
LAX Officials

Dr Muzammil Siddiqi (second from left) and Shura Council
members with LAX officials

Anaheim, CA: In an ongoing effort to make travel safe and enjoyable for Muslims, a Shura Council delegation met with Larry Fetters, LAX Security Director of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on December 15 and discussed the community’s travel concerns.
The TSA is the first point of contact serving as security screeners for all domestic and international passengers leaving LAX. The TSA was informed of the specifics of Hajj travel. An informational package about Hajj related issues was also provided to the TSA. Islam-101 workshops for the TSA Managers and Supervisors was also discussed.
The TSA Security Director apprised the Shura delegation of the gender-specific policy related to secondary searches and assured its implementation at all times. The TSA also recommended their popular 3-1-1 program available in many languages, including Arabic. Shura Council thanked TSA for its round-the-clock Command Center that can be reached at 310-242-2939 to record any untoward incident.
The community is advised to use the Airport Incident Form and record any unpleasant experience and snail mail or email at Your documentation helps us redress your concerns.
The no-fly-list was also discussed. The TSA will provide Shura Council with pertinent documentation that will guide how to get the names taken off of the no-fly-list. These documents will also be made available at the Shura Council website as soon as they are available.
Chairman of the Shura Council Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi thanked LAX Security Director Larry Fetters and Deputy Director Chris Wallace. Dr Siddiqi remarked, "Meaningful dialog and reciprocal education will help us enhance mutual understanding for our collective good."


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