Shura Council Eid al Adha Advisory

Anaheim CA: In response to the announcement made by Saudi Arabia for the beginning of Dhul-Higgah, the Majlis of the Shura Council met via teleconference and resolved the following:
1. That, the Saudi announcement for the beginning of Dhul-Higgah contradicts the Umm Al Qura calendar.
2. That, the Saudi decision to begin the month of Dhul-Higgah contradicts the scientific verdicts of Astronomers from within Saudi Arabia and outside.
3. Yet, in the spirit of unity, all communities are advised to fast on the Day of Arafat, Friday the 29th of December.
4. That, the provision to observe Eid Al Adha either on Saturday the 30th or on Sunday the 31st, per each locale's dynamics is recommended.
5. That, respecting "all" sentiments related to the determination of Eid Al Adha is of high importance.
6. That, each locale's leadership decision must be respected by respective communities.
7. That, the unity of community is a mandate and everyone is urged to uphold this imperative.
8. That, the Shura Council serves only as a coordinating body without an enforcement mandate.
9. That, the Majlis intends to draft a letter to the Saudi authorities demanding an explanation and revealing to them the damaging effect their uninformed decisions make on the Ummah, particularly in the USA.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.