Sixth Annual Multi-Faith Prayer Breakfast

Muslim faith audience Korean Church performers L to R: Zafar Abbas, Sarfaraz Khan and others

Los Angeles, CA: Over 2300 people crammed into the gymnasium at Los Angeles Southwest Collage to be a part of the largest multi-faith prayer breakfast in the state of California There was a real sense of freedom in which we could genuinely appreciate the diversity of us all.
The Multi-Faith Prayer Breakfast, a segment of Community Day, was birthed as a result of a need to bring about healing to our communities through clergy and community leaders. In the past, the Community Day Prayer Breakfast was attended largely by Christians, which represented in part the diversity and complexity of the community.
The Prayer Breakfast doors needed to be opened to a larger audience. It was the input of Sheriff Leroy D. Baca in his genius that has helped us to open the door of the Clergy Breakfast in order to bring it to a Multi-Faith level. The ideas of Sheriff Baca have proven to be the best things ever in building unity throughout the County of Los Angeles. We shall continue on this effort, which has been the catalyst that is bringing people together from all walks of life. A special Thank you to our Sheriff.
On September 11, 2001, the United States was hit with the most horrific terrorist attack in its history. Thousands of people lost their lives; families across this nation were devastated by its effect. The need to unite and come together was even greater. Everyone was being judged. People were being attacked for no reason other than that they appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent. Fear had set in the hearts of the people. Something needed to be done openly and from a united front; therefore, the expanding of the Community Day vision has encompassed the Multi-Faith Prayer Breakfast.

Sherif Leroy D. Baca and Sarfaraz Khan

Through the joint efforts of Sheriff Leroy D. Baca, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Multi-Faith Clergy Councils and the Helping Our People Excel for Life Foundation (H.O.P.E. for Life Foundation), we hosted several Multi-Faith Prayer Breakfasts. This event is attended by representatives from all religious sects: Jewish, Muslim, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, and others. Each group laid aside personal beliefs and focused on the task at hand - unity. The goal of the Multi-Faith Prayer Breakfast is to strengthen and unite all people regardless of race, color, creed or religion.
The event started with prayers of Bishop Edward Turner, Director Sheriff’s Clergy Council. Many Councilmen and women also attended the event. LA Sheriff Leroy D. Baca address the audience and said it was very important for us to attend this event and work hard to unite people in a changing world. He welcomed all people and thanked them for their role in making the event successful.
LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa also addressed the gathering and observed that Los Angeles was a very diverse county and we have to work to understand each others faith, we must love and respect each other.
Assemblyman Ray Hanes also addressed the gathering. Radio host John Sally present on the occasion was the master of the ceremony.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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