Pakistan Author to Contribute to Quake Fund

Author Nausheen Pasha Zaidi’s first novel, the Colour of Mehndi, is currently available via and is the next big thing in S.Asian literature. The Colour of Mehndi is a rare window into the mind and heart of a Pakistani-American woman torn by the pull of her traditional cultural and religious background and her universal experiences of love and betrayal. From the profits received from the sale of the book, the author will donate $25,000 to earthquake relief efforts in Pakistan.
This extraordinary book follows the life of Nazli Akram, who seemed to have it all: a husband, two beautiful sons and a picturesque house in the suburbs of Arizona. But Nazli’s outwardly idyllic existence masked the chaos brewing within the confines of her own mind. A young Pakistani-American woman, struggling with a failing marriage and her own sacrificed ambitions, Nazli's once promising future quickly deteriorates as she succumbs to her own personal demons and follows a dangerous path of despair and mental illness. But her story is lost through the years until her youngest son -- now a grownup man on a quest for his own identity -- uncovers the audiotapes of the mother he doesn't remember. And his find finally gives voice to a woman whose life and death have been shrouded in a veil of shame and silence.
Nausheen Pasha Zaidi was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and attended Pace University for her Bachelors degree in Speech Communications. Zaidi then went on to receive her Masters of Education in Language Education from Rutgers University as well as her Masters in Education Psychology from Arizona State University. Currently residing in Arizona with her two sons and husband, Zaidi enjoys spending her time reading. She has begun work on a second novel, Red Dupatta, and looks forward to writing more books Desi individuals can relate to and never forget.
Nausheen has decided to donate $25,000 of the book's profits to the earthquake relief efforts in Pakistan. For more details please contact:, phone: (732) 310-7183.


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