South Asian Bridal Show 2006
By Link Staff Reporter

Irvine: On Sunday, January 29th the second annual South Asian Bridal Show was held at the Irvine Hyatt from 11 am – 5 pm. The show offered everything a prospective bride and groom would need for a wedding!
The event attracted a large crowd; apart from South Asians other ethnicities were present as well. The bridal show was held in a grand ballroom, which was large enough to accommodate a huge crowd with a line of vendors. There were vendors for henna artists, beauty salons, wedding cards, caterers, photographers, DJ’s, bridal clothes, decorators, wedding planners, and choreographers.
People did seem to enjoy the free samples of kulfi and plate having an assortment of wedding food. The highlight of the Bridal Show was the fashion show that was sponsored by Mehr Bridal Couture. The show commenced with a thunderous dhol segment played by Dhamaka Productions followed by a bhangra dance number in traditional Punjabi attire. Then the show featured traditional clothes for brides and grooms. The sherwani that was worn on NBC’s hit series ‘Passion’ aired last week was flaunted off on the runway.
The glittery, sparkly, hand embroidered ghararas, sheraras, saris and sherwanis appealed to the crowd as evident by the huge applause received at the end of the fashion show segment. Following the fashion segment was Cal State Fullerton’s Bhangra Team that danced to a Punjabi Medley, wearing traditional Punjabi clothes and using traditional Punjabi musical instruments as props.
Last but not least, a wedding singer sang popular love songs from famous movies, such as “tere liye”, “mehndi hai raachney wali”, “bheegey hont tere” and “kaabhi kaabhi”.
The bridal show was well organized and worth the trip especially for brides and grooms to be.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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