Congressman Frank R. Wolf’s Birthday Event
By C. Naseer Ahmad

Washington, DC: Hundreds of friends and supporters of Congressman Frank R. Wolf (R) held a birthday at a Hilton Hotel, a stone throw away from Washington Dulles Airport – the nation’s major transportation hub. Congressman Tom Davis, Chairman House Government Reform Committee, and his wife Virginia State Senator Jeannemarie Devolites Davis were among the participants for 67th birthday of Congressman Wolf.
In an era when public perception about the Congress is at a low point, many congressional representatives would be running from their record. Quite the opposite is true for Congressman Wolf, who has a lot going for him. He is the most senior of the 11 members of the House of Representatives from Virginia and represents the 10th congressional district – home to many Pakistani Americans - in Virginia. “He is a man of integrity,” said Congressman Tom Davis in the introductory speech.
“I have great admiration for his integrity and tireless work for human rights,” said Hanif Akhtar, his neighbor and longtime supporter. Similar sentiments appear to exist among his supporters and the constituents of Congressman Wolf, who is serving his 13th term and launched his reelection campaign on January 27, 2006.
“When this Wolf howls, better listen up,” urged the Examiner’s editorial on January 25, 2006. Copies of the editorial detailing the congressman’s leadership role were placed on the tables. For instance, long before the Jack Abramroff scandal became headline news, Congressman Wolf was warning against the evils of gambling. “Gambling and corruption go together,” he told the Examiner editorial staff.
Incumbency is a terrific advantage. But, it appears Congressman Wolf does not take anything for granted. He is a hard-working man and his approach came through in his spirited speech. For one, the father of five children and a grandfather of ten, he still appears to have the fire in the belly of an insurgent running to unseat an incumbent.
Congressman Wolf made a passionate appeal to restore America’s standing in scientific arena. He also spoke at length about the scourge of gang violence. With his common sense approach, Congressman Wolf is on a solid ground – after all he chairs the House Subcommittee on Science-State-Justice-Commerce.
Measured pride of performance was matched with humility, when Congressman Wolf spoke of the “losing years” i.e. when he was trying to win a seat in the US House of Representatives in the late 1970s. He is intensely loyal and appears to have a long memory – noting those in the audience whose parents he knew way back then. This loyalty is reciprocal, as it seems to be shared by his supporters and longtime campaign manager Linda Douglas.
Campaigning for elections is one thing but demonstrating leadership and delivering on promises is what earns the respect for men like Congressman Wolf. His “Fresh Eyes on Iraq,” is an honest and serious effort to get the United States focused on a winning approach as opposed to a litany of misleading statistics.
Congressman Wolf and his staff appear to take the constituents problems as if they were their own personal problems. For example, if a constituent visits Judy McCary’s office, she will not only empathize with the constituent but also likely to pursue the issue with vigor. Ms. McCary does so just like her boss. During his speech, while discussing regional transportation issues, he empathized with a federal employee who told him on a return trip from Iraq that she got up at 3:45am to be able to go to work.
With a record like his, it is no wonder when Congressman Wolf speaks people in high places and governments around the world listen intently.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.