S. Asian Community Members Meet Sheriff Baca

L-R Front: Arif Mansuri, Waqar Ali Khan, Sheriff Leroy D. Baca, Kishore (Kevin) Kaul, Anna Prasad. L-R Back: Sam Bhogal, Gautam Dutta, Mohammad Kalam, Sawaran Dabgotra, Commander Roberta
A. Abner

Los Angeles, CA - A group of South Asian Community members met with Sheriff Leroy D. Baca and Commander Roberta A. Abner to discuss matters of interest to the South Asian community.
At this meeting the roles and activities of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Advisory Councils on South Asian communities were discussed. The purpose of these Advisory Councils is to promote and encourage communication between the Sheriff's Office and the members of the South Asian communities. The Sheriff's Advisory Councils are designed with the intention to provide civilian review of proposed and ongoing departmental programs. The Sheriff relies on this as part of the input to "fine tune" or otherwise adjust his efforts in serving the county. It also serves as a conduit between the department and citizens, bringing community concerns to the Sheriff's attention and helping to work toward solutions.
As always, Sheriff Leroy D. Baca expressed great interest in receiving input from the community. Sheriff described his observations and experiences from his trip to Pakistan along with a group of sheriffs and security officials. To enhance cooperation among law enforcement officials of the two countries, the delegation led by Sheriff Baca had traveled in Pakistan extensively and met with President Pervez Musharraf besides many other high officials of the Pakistan Government.
Kishore (Kevin) Kaul, Chairman of Sheriff's Advisory Council on Indo-American Community stressed the need of having representatives from all segments of the South Asian community. He stated that it is the intent of the Council to have as broad and diverse a spectrum of citizens to serve on the Council as possible.
Waqar Ali Khan, Chairman of Sheriff's Advisory Council on Pakistani-American Community stated that one of the goals of the Council is to educate the members and the community on the extensive range of services available to county residents through the Sheriff's Office. He anticipates that these services will be better utilized by the community members as a result of the educational efforts of the Council.
It was decided that a combined meeting of the various South Asian advisory councils will be held once a month at the Sheriff's office.
The group praised the efforts of Sheriff Baca for harmonious relations among diverse communities in the Los Angeles County which has a sizeable population of South Asians. The group also acknowledged the efforts of Mr. Kaul in bringing various South Asian communities together.



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