CAIR Launches Campaign to 'Explore the Life of Muhammad'

L to R: Imam Mohammad Faqih, Shakeel Syed, Hussam Ayloush and Sabiha Khan

Anaheim, CA: The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) February 14 at its press conference in Southern California and at CAIR offices around the country the launching of a major educational campaign called "Explore the life of Muhammad" as a positive response to the worldwide controversy over caricatures of Islam's Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
The year long initiative will begin by offering people of all faiths a free book or DVD about the life and legacy of the Prophet Muhammad. CAIR's campaign will also feature grass-roots educational activities in Muslim communities throughout North America.
Representatives from the Southern California Islamic Shura Council and the Islamic Institute of Orange County (IIOC) joined the press conference, which was held at the CAIR office in Anaheim, CA at noon, to support the proactive steps that will be taken by CAIR and southern California Masajids to educate people about Islam and the Prophet (PBUH).
Shakeel Syed, executive director of the Islamic Shura Council, spoke at the news conference regarding the infamous Danish cartoons saying, "We believe anti-Semitism is reborn as Islamophobia. We call for laws that prohibit defamation of all prophets of all faiths".
Imam Muhammad Faqih from IIOC explained the significance of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the hearts of Muslims saying, "Muslims dearly love the Prophet and all the prophets before him. Any attack or insult on the prophet is a very sensitive issue that many Muslims take to heart." The Imam also added that the Islamic Institute of Orange County is planning an open house to educate people about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and explain to them the legacy that the Prophet (SAWS) left behind.
"It is our prayer and hope that through this initiative and others, misunderstandings, hatred, and violence, can be curtailed and avoided for the sake of the future of the world. Challenging hatred and division begins by challenging ignorance, and we can challenge ignorance only through education," said CAIR Executive Director Hussam Ayloush.
Visitors to CAIR's campaign website,, will be able to choose either a DVD of the PBS documentary "Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet" or the book "Muhammad" by Yahiya Emerick. The website will also feature a 13-minute online clip from the DVD and excerpts from the book.
(NOTE: Requests for free material will initially be limited to the United States and Canada, but the campaign is designed to expand to Europe through cooperation with local Muslim communities.) Along with the DVD and the book, CAIR's website will also offer basic information about the Prophet Muhammad and a database of his sayings (hadith).
In the campaign, CAIR will offer materials to help local Muslim communities hold public screenings of the DVD, mosque, open houses, panel discussions, essay contests, interfaith events, and other educational grass-roots activities focused on the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad. CAIR will also coordinate a speaker's bureau of its staff, board members, and volunteers nationwide.
CAIR is suggesting that communities hold the first educational outreach
activities on February 24. A calendar of local activities will be
available on CAIR's website.



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