NBC 11 and Telemundo 48 Host Lunch Showcasing New Media Moguls

New California Media, in a press release, says it is proud to announce that NBC 11 and Telemundo 48’s San Jose station will showcase the South Bay’s newest ethnic media leaders at a special luncheon honoring NCM and its sponsors. The luncheon at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose is the first in a series of special events kicking off NCM’s 7th Annual Awards Banquet and its 10th anniversary at the Fairmont on Thursday, Jan. 26.
“NBC 11 and Telemundo 48 are taking the lead among NCM’s highly valued media sponsors in recognizing ethnic media’s key role in California communications,” says NCM Awards coordinator Sandip Roy. “It’s a fitting role because NBC 11 and Telemundo 48 is a pioneer in demonstrating that mainstream and ethnic media can and must collaborate if we are to build inclusive journalism in this state.”
The Jan. 10 luncheon gave corporate, civic, mainstream media, academic and philanthropic leaders, and founding ethnic media in the South Bay who support NCM an opportunity to meet “the new media moguls” serving ethnic communities as diverse as Ethiopians, Punjabis and Vietnamese.
"Ethnic media play an important role in a California's diverse communities," says Linda Sullivan, President and General Manager of NBC11. "Nowhere is this more evident than in the city of San José and the entire Bay Area."
NBC 11 and Telemundo 48 will also give air time over the next several weeks to recognize winners of NCM’s Awards, dubbed the “ethnic Pulitzers”, and to publicize sponsors of its work, including Bank of America, PG&E, AARP, AAA of Northern California, University of California Office of the President, and the San Jose Mercury News. NBC 11 and Telemundo 48 local news personality Damian Trujillo will emcee the NCM Awards banquet.
“From our first Awards event in 1998, NCM owes much of our success in expanding ethnic media’s visibility to support from mainstream media partners like NBC,” says NCM executive director Sandy Close. “While competition still rules the field, media leaders from across the sector – broadcast, print and online— recognize the need to collaborate to meet the demands of communicating in a global society.”


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