7th Annual ISNA Education Forum

Faith communities throughout American history have considered building religious schools as the single most important vehicle to transmit faith and moral values to the next generation. The Muslim community in America has been going through this important stage of its development for the last two decades. The process of building Islamic schools has been local and spontaneous.
As such, it was important to create a platform where the stakeholders of Islamic schools and Muslim educators get together to learn from each other, share their successes and look for ways to overcome the challenges they are facing. The ISNA Education Forum has striven to be a major platform for this important exchange.
This year’s Forum is organized around seven tracks.
• Weekend schools
• Arabic Instruction
• Islamic Studies Instruction
• Board and Policies
• Principals and Administration
• Teachers and Instructional Programs
• Successful Models.
The theme will be: “Islamic education: strengthening faith & enhancing quality”
For more information, please visit www.isna.net .


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