COPAA Announces Election of Farhat Zubair as Next President

Los Angeles, CA: The Council of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA) on July 6 announced the election of Dr Farhat Zubair as the new President of the organization.
Dr. Zubair has been a founding member of the Board of Directors of COPAA where she served as the Treasurer of COPAA until being elected President. She is a trained anesthesiologist and practices in the Southern California area.
Dr. Zubair is a very involved member of the Pakistani-American community and currently also has leadership roles is several other organizations such as DIL, PABE, PAC, APPNA. Her leadership role in the community, her vast experiences, and her long list of accomplishments were pivotal in her being elected as the first lady president of COPAA.
“I am pleased to be elected President of COPAA and look forward to be serving the Pakistani-American community which COPAA serves. COPAA is a great organization which has been taking increasing leadership roles in the community,” said Dr. Zubair.

“I would like to thank Mr. Hamid Malik, outgoing President of COPAA, for his leadership for the last two-and-a-half years in moving COPAA to become an even more recognized and respected organization. I also want to thank Mr. Firoze Fakhri for his leadership role while the selection of the new President was in progress,” added Dr. Zubair.
The new roles for the COPAA Officers, Board of Directors and Team are as follows:

Tasneem Ahmed
Ahmed Ali: Past President
Nayyer Ali MD
Manny Azariah: Chair, Events Committee
Razaq Chaudhry PhD
Firoze Fakhri: Executive Vice President
Lauren Hidalago: Administrative Assistant
Rahat Khan
Shaista Khan: Chair, Membership Committee
Tanvir Khan: Secretary
Nargis Kurwa: Vice President
Hamid Malik: Past President
Omar Malik: Chair, Youth Committee
Farida Merchant: Co-Chair Communications
Karim Raza
Zakaria Sattar
Mansoor Shah MD: Past President
Hasan Shirazi: Co-Chair Communications
Farhat Zubair MD: President
Council of Pakistan American Affair's (COPAA) Mission:
• To assist public officials and policy makers in the United States in understanding issues of vital interests related to Pakistan, with the aim of bringing about a positive change in policies and attitudes towards Pakistan.
• To participate in the US political process through an organized community effort.
• To promote and encourage business, trade and investment locally and internationally.


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