Follow Iqbal’s Message of ‘Khudi’: Mowahid

Washington, DC: To overcome the increasing challenges faced by the Muslim community in America, and to surmount the crisis of confidence among Muslim youth, Mowahid Hussain Shah, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister, Punjab has exhorted the Muslim community in the US to adhere to Iqbal’s message of ‘Khudi’ (self-esteem) and self-empowerment.
In a radio interview he said that Muslims must reject the “extremism of materialism,” where moneymaking becomes the core objective.
Instead, it was wiser to concentrate on genuine community-building through ‘Ilm’ (knowledge) and ‘Taqwa’ (piety).
He said that Muslims are fortunate in having numerous heroes in their heritage who set outstanding personal examples of caring for the general public, and daring in dealings with powerful rulers.
In this connection, Mowahid remarked, Americans equally would benefit from Iqbal - who was a personification of enlightened thought - and the humane and dynamic philosophy of the ‘Poet of the East’ should be spread to a wider Western audience.



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