Pakistani Husbands Treat Wives like Princesses: Paris Hilton
By Maira Khan

Paris Hilton with Najeeb Ghauri and family

On June 11, channel E! aired an episode of The Simple Life starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and featuring a Pakistani family. Najeeb Ghauri, Chairman of Netsol Technologies and his son Faraaz Ghauri spent quite an unusual and exciting day with the two ladies rather than their traditional Pakistani wife and mother, Aiesha Ghauri.
The episode started off with Najeeb quizzing Paris and Nicole on their knowledge of Pakistan. Of course, the blonde beauties were unable to answer even the simplest of questions correctly and instead came up with some hilarious answers. When asked what language is spoken in Pakistan, both the girls answered “Pakistanian.”
Paris decided to do a little questioning of her own and asked Najeeb whether he had more wives than one. Najeeb handled the question well and answered that he has three others “in fantasy,” getting a famous “that’s hot,” from Paris. Najeeb introduced the girls to the traditional Pakistani dress, shalwar kameez. Although it took some time, Paris seemed to get along well with the suit, while Nicole’s first attempt, wrapped up in only a dupatta, was a big, but funny failure. Then at the sounding of the Azaan, Najeeb and Faraaz explained the call to prayer to the girls and taught them how we pray.
Nicole headed out to a halal market to do her first chore of grocery shopping for dinner which ended up in a disaster as she bought things she had no clue about and spent $400, which was a little over the $40 given to her. Upon answering the phone, “Salaam laki aki, Nicole” was a great, but humorous greeting. Nicole surely learned that the Azaan was a call for prayers, as she immediately knew it was time to pray and joined “Fonzi,” or Faraaz, and the storekeeper. Back home, Paris tried cooking mutton curry but created an “explosion” in the kitchen which “disappointed and shocked” Najeeb.
Next, the stars gave a taste of their own culture to Fonzi and Najeeb after attempting the traditional Pakistani ways. Nicole invited Fonzi’s friends over to a party and greeted them with the tablas purchased from the market, while Paris took them to a club, where the Muslim Pakistanis handled the situation well and behaved with becoming propriety.

Hilton looks stunning in shalwar and kameez

Reaching home to an anxiously waiting Aiesha, Paris and Nicole spilt the beans, but Najeeb dealt with the situation really well despite Paris and Nicole trying to offend the culture as they do to make the show of interest to viewers. The girls definitely got a taste of Pakistani traditions and culture and learned how relationships are amongst a Pakistani family. “I’m learning that Pakistani husbands treat their wives like princesses,” said Paris. “She has a very devoted husband and a very well-behaved son,” admitted Nicole.
Spending a day with the Ghauris definitely had a lasting impression on Paris because even after returning to her Hollywood life, she remembered to pray and offer dua for what is important to her.
Najeeb and his family created a good impression about Pakistan and our religion on the two stars, and I dare say, on the viewers too. It was good to see a Pakistani Muslim family projecting Pakistan as a moderate, on-the-march state to a mainstream American audience. The opening scene of the show with " Azaan' and a view of the Lahore mosque and the closing scene showing Paris Hilton presenting a gift of a shirt to the Ghauri Family with the slogan 'Pakistanis are hot' were quite moving and, indeed, image-boosting for all Pakistanis.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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