AMA Organizes Meetings for Elections in District 26
By Dr. Talat Khan

Dr. Zahir Azzawi (left) and Dr. Talat Khan

On July 7, 2006, AMA chapters of Rancho Cucamonga and Clairmont, representing Congressional district 26, organized a community gathering at the residence of Dr. Talat Khan. The get-together was to serve as an orientation meeting for volunteers to prepare for the elections in November 2006.
Dr. Talat Khan, President of the Rancho Cucamonga Chapter and Dr. Zahir Azzawi, President of the Clairmont Chapter, were the speakers at the program. Dr. Talat Khan provided valuable information about the election campaign and furnished the Muslim perspective on civil rights issue, immigration, environment, education and health care that is likely to figure prominently in the elections.
Dr. Azzawi focused on ways of organizing the community in congressional district 26.
The volunteers will work and compile a database and voter registration information of Muslims in the district .
There will be monthly meetings of community members of the area, which will concentrate on continuing civic education, candidate forums and campaign work for the next few months on an ongoing basis.



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