Sindhi Singer and Musician Tours US this Fall

Washington, DC: The World Sindhi Institute has invited Sindhi singer and musician Fakir Anwer Jatoi to tour the United States in August. Fakir Jatoi has sung the poetry of great Sufi poets from Sindh and the rest of the South Asian subcontinent, like Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sachal Sarmast, Bedal, Wali Muhammed, Bulleh Shah, Sultan Bahoo, and Kabir. Jatoi is considered a maestro of Sindhi classical and semi-classical music. He presents kafi, a genre of Sufi poetry in Sindhi, Seraiki and Punjabi languages in a unique style on his harmonium.
Jatoi has performed Sufi music and art at Sufi shrines in Sindh, known as the land of Sufis and Sufi music, and has traveled extensively in Pakistan to present the art, music and message of love and peace from Sindh. Serving as a head master of a high school in Deparja, a famous Sindhi town, Jatoi has used his masters in education to teach Sindhi children throughout his life.
“For the first time this fall, Fakir Anwer Jatoi is visiting the US to spread Sindh’s message of tolerance, plurality, and brotherhood and sisterhood,” declared Munawar Laghari, Executive Director of the World Sindhi Institute based in Washington, DC. The World Sindhi Institute will host Jatoi and will organize his program, ‘Latifee Laat’ (the Voice of Latif).
During his forthcoming US visit, Jatoi will be performing in Washington, DC, Houston, Florida and North Carolina. The itinerary of this one man Lateefee mystique musical troupe will be as follows:
August 5th- Houston, Texas
August 12th- Washington, DC
August 19th- Miami, Florida
August 26th- Charlotte, North Carolina.
Details concerning the time and venue for the event will be announced at a later date.


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