Grand Coalition of Pakistani-Americans Condemns Israeli Aggression

New York, NY: A grand coalition of Pakistani-American organizations, including the Chicago Council of Pakistani Organizations (CCPO), Pakistan Action Committee (PAC), Pakistani American Council of Texas (PACT), Pakistan Cultural Association of Staten Island, Inc. (PCASI), Pakistan American Democratic Forum (PADF), Pakistan Association of Riverside (PAR), Pakistan Community Association of New Orleans (PCANO), Pakistan League of America (PLA), Pakistan-USA Freedom Forum (PUFF), and Live Together.US Inc. (LTU), has condemned the current Israeli aggression in “strongest possible terms.”
A joint statement, in part, reads:
“We call on the UN Security Council to fulfill its obligations by using all its authority to bring an immediate end to organized Israeli slaughter of men, women and children in Gaza and Lebanon. The UN cannot continue to deal with the symptoms and ignore the root cause: Israel’s continued occupation of Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian lands.
“Recognition of Israel by Pakistan and other Muslim countries should be based on two factors: 1) full implementation of all relevant UN resolutions, particularly 242, 338, and 194, and return of Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian lands currently occupied by Israel, and 2) establishment of a viable, independent and sovereign state of Palestine that is in full control of its own internal and external affairs as well as its own resources including water, air space, and borders.
“A tiny group of Pakistani-Americans who had recently gone to Israel on a private visit had done so to provide a cover for Israel’s heinous crimes. Calling it ‘peacemaking’ is a ‘cruel hoax’ that has fooled nobody. These are the same people who had honored extremist BJP leader L. K. Advani last year. They stand utterly rejected by the Pakistani-American community.”


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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