Dear Nausheen

Dear Nausheen
I would like to discuss my friend’s current situation. He is a US citizen and a California resident. He obtained his MBA degree in business and bachelors in computer information systems from an accredited university in California.
He has been struggling to get a suitable job in his field but has had no luck so far. He had been unrelenting in applying for various jobs but had no response or acknowledgement from anywhere so far. A whole exasperating year has passed!
How do you see his situation?

Dear Aisha,
Finding the perfect job can certainly be a daunting task at times. Although there may be specific situational factors that are preventing your friend from finding a job, I will address some “best practices” here that may help him in his job search.
First of all, there are numerous job seeker resources that your friend has probably utilized, local help wanted ads, websites such as,, and
These tools not only allow you to apply for jobs, but also to showcase your resume...and the resume of millions of other job seekers around the world. Although these are wonderful ways to reach potential employers, it is important to realize that the sheer number of faceless applicants for any particular position can make it very difficult for any one applicant to stand out in the crowd.
As a result, networking with other professionals in your field has taken on an even greater role.
Networking can be in the form of job fairs, professional conferences, or even social parties.
Appearance, knowledge and etiquette are key to making a good impression, because you never know who you’ll meet or where those connections may lead.
There are also various “headhunter” organizations that may be able to help your friend find a job. These recruiters specialize in finding people to fill positions at local companies. They help with resume writing and interviewing skills so that job seekers gain a polished and professional look.
Resume writing, by the way, is an art. Always make sure that your resume is neat, easy-to-read, and free of spelling and grammar errors. A resume needs to quickly and efficiently lay out a person’s education and work experiences. The bells and whistles can be a nice touch, but they should not be distracting. Be aware of the overall look of the resume. That includes the fonts, bolded text, use of white space, etc. As a recruiter once told me, sometimes it’s not what you have in your resume, but how it is presented that makes all the difference.
And finally, since your friend has a graduate degree, it may also be worthwhile for him to pay a visit to the career center at his alma mater. Collee career counselors can provide good leads.
Although finding employment can sometimes be a full-time job on its own, it is very important for your friend to stay involved in professional activities, so that his resume does not reflect a long period of unexplained unemployment. He can contact temp agencies that may be able to help him find temporary jobs while looking for a permanent position.
He should also continue to take professional development courses so that he remains current on the trends in his field. This will increase his marketability to potential employers.
And remember, depending on his financial situation, sometimes a lower-paying job can be better than no job at all. Most successful individuals in the United States have held odd jobs at one point or another in their careers. Good luck to your friend and happy job-hunting!

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