Tributes Paid to Irfan Murtaza’s Genius at Book-Launching Ceremony
By Naushad Sarwar

L to R: Jehandad Khan, N.M. Jadmani, Irfan Murtaza, Khalid Khaja, Anwar Khwaja, Arif Mansuri and Rajuddin Peerzada

Anaheim, CA: “If I find you writing poetry again, you will be duly punished.” This note of warning was served by a loving mother to her gifted son quite a few years back. Today, the mother prides on her son’s literary acquisitions. Irfan Murtuza has earned a name in literary circles – he is a well-known poet and prose writer today.
Chanda and Tasveerain, two of his books, were launched at the Anaheim Marriot on May 12, 2006 and the event proved to be a memorable one for literary circles in the Los Angeles area.

L to R: Masroor Jawed, Younus Ejaz, Arif Imam, Tariq Hashmi, Sukaina Pinhaan, Shawn Murtaza and Bilal Murtaza

Mr. Irfan Murtaza is the founder and President of the Urdu Writers Society, Inc. He came to the United States 20 years ago without the slightest inkling that in the not too distant future he would make a mark in the literary circles of LA. “Mr. Khalid Khaja and Mr. Arif Imam undoubtedly are my mentors and teachers in believing me and critiquing my writing until it came upon me,” Mr. Irfan commented in an interview with The Daily Jang.
With three books in his bag, Mr. Murtaza was all set to showcase his Audio Book – rare to find in the literary milieu called Chanda. The books Chanda and Tasveerain have already been inaugurated in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad where they have won wide acclaim. Chanda is especially meant for immigrants who are not fully familiar with the Urdu script but it has also immense appeal for lovers of literature who enjoy poetry with music. The Audio Book Chanda elegantly features 75 love poems from Murtaza’s three books. Tasveerain presents his imaginary and captivating conversation with well-known Urdu poets

Above: Glimpses of the book-launching ceremony and mushaira

The inaugural function was ably emceed by the popular literary persona of Los Angeles, Mr. Khalid Khaja, who welcomed the distinguished guests. Prominent literary personalities graced the occasion. The guests included: Dr. Pinhaan (Austin), Mr. Younus Ejaz (Dallas), Mr. Rafiuddin Raaz (Karachi) who was the chief guest, Consul General Noor Muhammad Jadmani, General Jehandad Khan, former Sindh Governor who now heads the Al-Shifa Eye Trust, Khalid Khaja, Arif Imam, Anwar Khaja, Wasi Naqqash, Arif Mansoori, Tariq Hashmi and Younus Ejaz (Dallas), Masroor Jawed (NY), and Mr. Niaz.
Mr. Murtaza’s sons Shawn Murtaza and Bilal Murtaza also paid tribute to their father and described how their lives are enlivened by an aroma of profound literature day in and day out. The gathering paid rich tributes to Mr. Irfan Murtaza.
It was a memorable night that seemed to spotlight the literary genius of the encyclopedic Irfan Murtaza. His books sold like hot cakes and the sale was a true indicator of Mr Murtaza’s popularity as poet and writer.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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