Sheriff Carona Talks of Growing Partnership with Muslim Community

Left to right: Sheriff Michael Carona, Mike Duvall, Iqbal Shaikh, Hamid Malik and Waseem Malik

Sunday June 4th was a hot sultry California summer day and was perhaps the perfect weather to have a fund raiser luncheon at the Malik’s residence. One had to leave the calorie counters at home and enjoy the spicy hot Pakistani food. This was followed by an array of desserts and hot tea

Pictures above: Guests at the fundraiser

The fundraiser for Sheriff Mike Carona was co-sponsored by CAIR-PAC. The large entertainment room was filled to capacity. Waseem Malik was the master of ceremony.
The program started with Hamid Malik thanking Mrs. Javeeda Malik and the children for their help in arranging the program. On a lighter note he said, “And by the way those for of us who still believe in Fairy Tales, I did all the cooking today”. This drew a long laughter from the audience.
Hamid recounted the accomplishments of Mike Carona for the past eight years, and stated that Larry King called Mike “America’s Sheriff”. Hamid also praised Mike for including CAIR in the sensitivity training of his new cadets. He also said that “the Muslim community thanks you for your open communications with us, and your willingness to learn more about us and work with us on the concerns of our community. Such relationships are rare, and they need to grow, blossom and be treasured”

A group of ladies at the fundraiser

Mayor Mike Duvall; a candidate for the State Assembly from Yorba Linda, also spoke on the occasion. He drew a long applause when he said that “Muslims must participate and engage their community in the local elections”. He further said that Muslims must meet their neighbors, their local elected officials and others in the larger American community. The fear, he said, is always of the unknown. When you know a person and know their beliefs, fear disappears and a bond of friendship is born.
Mike Carona talked about a growing partnership with the Muslim community. He said that he wants an open and transparent relationship with the community. His job is to ensure that Orange County is a safe place for its residence. He said that law enforcement will ensure that those who are engaged in hate crimes are brought to justice.
The questions and answer session was followed by an informal gathering and discussions with Mike Carona.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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