Karachi Club’s Farewell Reception for Consul General Jadmani
By Naushad Sarwar

Cerritos, CA: The Pakistani community of Southern California didn’t seem happy when the news broke out of the Los Angeles-based Consul General being posted out before the end of his three-year term. Mr Noor Mohammad Jadmani had literary lived in the hearts of the community rather than his beautiful Beverly Hills chateau. He was popular among all sections of the community.
On June 4, 2006, the Karachi Club of Los Angeles hosted a reception in honor of Consul General Jadmani and his wife at the Cerritos East Park, Cerritos. Community members belonging to all walks of life attended the reception to bid farewell to the Consul General and his staff.

Glimpses of the farewell reception hosted by the Karachi Club in honor of Consul General Noor Mohammad Jadmani in Cerritos

Prominent among the reception organizers were: Kamal Zafar, MQA Central Organizational Committee Member; Mr. Waseem Zaidi, Los Angeles MQM Unit In-charge; Mr. Ejaz Siddique, MQM Central Organizational Committee Member, and Karachi Club prominent member Samin Faruqui. Ex-Federal Minister Khalid Maqbool Siddique also graced the occasion.
In his welcome speech, Samin Faruqui told the attendees that we are not here to say good-by to the Consul General and his staff, but to recall the pleasant experiences marking his tenure in Los Angeles. It was truly a wonderful experience.
“Despite his busy schedule as Consul General Mr. Jadmani literary dwelled in the community attending all the events either on weeknights or on weekends.” Praising all the previous Consulate staff, Mr. Faruqui commented that Mr. Jadmani’s team was the core factor in creating an impeccable image for the Consulate. “After it had been renovated, public had access to Xerox machine, visa and passport form counter, a new token system, a water cooler, and an elegant waiting hall which speak for themselves for the meritorious administration,” he added
Working with common people, living amongst them, and with his problem-solving charisma, Mr Jadmani was seen all over the city during his entire s tenure. “He is a man of commitment, honor and dignity, and can’t be forgotten by the people of Los Angeles at large,” Mr. Faruqui concluded.
The attendees hoped that Mr Jadmani’s successor would be as competent and considerate as the outgoing Consul General.


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