An Appeal

Assalaamu alaikum/Peace be upon you.
It is very difficult for me to type this email. My very close friend, Madeeha, who went to Annandale High with me and who is only 20 years old, always told me, especially recently, that she was dying. I just laughed it off and said, "No you're not!" What else was I supposed to say?
She has cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle that causes it to lose its pumping strength. The type of cardiomyopathy that Madeeha has, usually results in death unless the patient is fortunate enough to receive a heart transplant. She never even got the opportunity to be placed on a donor waiting list due to lack of insurance and her immigration status in the United States. I am asking for your help, please do your part in the effort to save her life. Let us at least give her a chance to receive a heart transplant. We need funds. Please donate generously and SPREAD the word. She is an amazing girl. God-willing, she wants to go to college and get married and have children... Do your bit to give her that chance, please. Thank you.
P.S. If the required amount ($150,000) is raised, Madeeha will be able to get a heart transplant from third parties, other than US government, such as universities and non-profit organizations. The family has already contacted UVA and Washington Hospital Center in this regard. In addition, if things don't go well and Madeeha doesn't make it, all the money will be refunded to the original donors.

- Fatimah Zahra Popal




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