Food and Other Necessities for the Forgotten Earthquake Victims
By Saghir Aslam

Saba Trust teams continue their hard work for the rescue and rehabilitation of the October 8 earthquake victims

After my trip of one-and-a-half months to Pakistan to help organize, distribute, and facilitate relief to the quake victims I feel compelled to thank all generous donors who made generous contributions to help the affected people tide over their multifarious problems. It was the worst phase of their life. All of them unanimously and repeatedly said that they thank you in their prayers. Conditions have improved considerably and the warmer temperatures have been a great blessing. Their heart filled prayers and gratitude was evident as they can never forget the generosity that so many of you have offered when they were in dire need of it. It was a pleasure to see how many victims were relieved by small and large donations, and how we could help in distributing and sharing our organizational and development skills.
As Saba and IEWS donors I am pleased to share the highlights of my trip and discuss the 3rd annual interfaith conference. I will mention our future plans for distributing educational scholarships and provide an introduction to our new orphanage which would serve as a home for children of the earth quake victims.
Through our past association and coordination with the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) we received large amounts of food and drinks that filled up 40 containers. I am grateful to Allah S.T. that we were successful in distributing the food and drinks to almost 70 villages. The distributed items included: lemonade, orange juice, Hawaiian juice, pineapple juice and other fruit juices, dried peaches, blueberries and pears, chocolate milk, tea, canned carrots, almonds, crackers, noodle, canned corn, canned chicken and turkey, beef, Hash brown, Italian parmesan crispy, and many more.
The items were so many and so plentiful that it took the Saba Trust team a month to unload, pack and distribute them to remote villages. As in the past, Saba Trust team distributed aid in 70 villages in far flung places.
Earlier Saba Trust team distributed 25000 pounds of dry milk donated by Jason Hamlin, CEO of Genesis Project. Another donor had generously given several large barrels (the size of old oil). The Saba Trust team purchased plastic bottles to pack the honey so we could easily deliver it to the majority of the villages. Honey, like all the other items was appreciated by every one, as a special treat. I was amazed to see the large quantities of honey; these cans were heavy and it took a considerable amount of time to pack them in to the plastic bottles. Another item that was appreciated by everyone was small boxes of raisin. We had received approximately 10,000 small snack type boxes and we tried our best to distribute them among all villages.
The container also had canned beef, veal and chicken which helped in promotinge Saba Trust interfaith work Christian Bishops and Churches were overjoyed to receive poultry and meat items; we were happy to be able to provide these items to the non Muslim communities. We were proud to include all victims among the recipients of the aid as a truly interfaith organization.
Even though Saba Trust has been providing food items for the last six months, we had to work with a budget within which we bought as much food as we could which was most crucial to the success of the aid program.
The Saba Trust team received tremendous appreciation from everyone. Many quake victims who had never tasted such luxury items were grateful for all your donations. I am deeply thankful to Allah S.T. that he had blessed Saba Trust to receive and distribute these items. It was Almighty God’s blessing and faith in humanity that Saba Trust was able to perform these humble services. I pray that Allah S.T. accept our services towards humanity as a blessing. The food items were worth more than a quarter million dollars.
Some unknown generous donors donated several pallets of medicine and medical supplies. We were able to distribute the medicine not only among our adopted villages, but also among some of the local hospitals.
Saba Trust has started a scholarship program for earthquake victims. Students are selected on the basis of merit and financial need, and especially those who have not received any assistance from other sources. Cost for each college student including accommodation is $100 per month. You may pick a student to sponsor and we will provide you with an annual progress report. Please make your checks payable to:
International Education & Welfare Society, 34 Shepard, Irvine, CA 92620
Tax ID # 33-0716944
You can pay for the entire year together; pay twice a year or every three months.
Ashiana (Orphanage)
We have also started the construction of our unique orphanage. Our goal is to provide orphans with the best of accommodation, medical assistance and education. If you like to pay to build a room of your choice or support a specific orphan please send your request immediately. We will be happy to provide you with an annual report. Make checks payable to:
International Education & Welfare Society, 34 Shepard, Irvine, CA 92620, Tax ID # 33-0716944, Phone: 949-654-3944, Fax: 949-654-8276, Email:
Please make your checks payable to:
International Education & Welfare Society, 34 Shepard, Irvine, CA 92620
Tax ID # 33-0716944




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