Khyber Medical College Professors at Ohio Medical University

The exchange of faculty members between the Medical University of Ohio and the Khyber Medial College of Peshawar has worked smoothly for more than a decade now, according to Jeffery Gold, Dean, College of Medicine, University of Ohio. Half a dozen professors of different disciplines at the Khyber medical faculty have already visited the Ohio medical college and worked, taught and learned alongside MUO professionals.
The Visiting Professorship was established by Dr. Syed Amjad Hussain, emeritus professor in the Surgery Department of the Ohio Medical University with an initial contribution of $50,000. He is himself a 1962 graduate of the Khyber Medical College and the setting up of the Professorship for the college was his way of paying back to the college.
Dr. Amjad, a high achiever as a surgeon, writer, scholar, adventurer and calligrapher, is a regular contributor of a column to Pakistan Link too. He has authored more than a dozen books, most of them in Urdu, and has been granted an award by the Government.


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