MCSS Elects New Office Bearers
By Parwez Wahid

Wayland, Massachusetts: The Muslim Community Support Services (MCSS) held its annual meeting on February 26, 2006 to elect office bearers for the current year. The meeting was held at the Islamic Center of Boston in Wayland. MCSS is a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization that provides desperately needed assistance to needy families in the New England region.
The MCSS is credited with assisting many families (over 240 in 2005) across the region, providing over $100K in annual assistance while keeping its operating expenses very minimal. MCSS provides assistance to needy families from Zakaat and charitable contributions of the local community. Free medical consultation is provided on request. The MCSS conducts a program to donate used cars to needy individuals. The MCSS also partners with the Islamic Multi-Services Organization (IMSO) in a monthly food drive.
Requests for financial assistance vary. Some requests are made by individuals and families that are affected by temporary loss of family income, a family tragedy, uninsured medical bills, or funeral expenses. Applicants for assistance are also people who are on Government welfare and also the working poor who have encountered unfortunate circumstances. Most of the applicants are members of the Muslim community; however, MCSS does not limit its assistance to Muslims only.
Most of MCSS' services have been in the area of providing rental assistance, payment of utility bills and meeting food expenses. The MCSS hopes to expand its services by offering care to the elderly and social services.
At the annual meeting on February 26, the outgoing President, Noor Jahan Panjwani read out a report highlighting MCSS' accomplishments in the past year. Mohammed Muneeruddin reported on behalf of the treasurer who was not present. Following reports and some business matters, nominations were submitted to fill the five officer positions. All offices received nominations without contest, the nominees were declared elected by acclamation. The officers elected at this meeting are:
Dr. Ikram Farooqui, President;
Dr. Shameem Ahmed, Vice President;
Rasha Boura, Secretary;
Azim Qureshi, Treasurer;
And Ali Khan, Comptroller.
Established in 1999, MCSS has been steadily increasing the number of people it has been able to give assistance to. The organization is tax exempt and its services are limited to the New England region under its charter. More information on the MCSS is available on-line at


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