Adam Khan Makes History
By M. S. Qamar

Racing on the track just past weekend, at speeds over 150 mph in the rain, in battle with 20 other countries, were the green and white colors of our country. It was an amazing site to behold -- our humble nation screaming on the world-famous track for glory, competing with the best race car drivers from all over the world. Our driver, 20-year-old Adam Khan, already a legend in race circles in Europe, represented our country beautifully here in California, to the joy of Pakistani fans both in the crowds as well as in the pit lanes.
It was Adam Khan's first visit to the USA, and he has already been picked up by Formula 1, Indy, and CHAMP talent scouts to continue racing on a higher professional level.
It is an honor that after our country's successes with hockey, cricket, and squash, we now have a representative in the high-stakes world of motor racing. India has a Formula 1 driver, and also an A1 GP team, and now we have Adam Khan, who on a global scale, is holding his own against the likes of well-known international motorsport champions such as Fittipaldi, Verstappen, Alex Yoong, and Lauda.
Adam Khan and the Pakistani A1GP team are headed for Shanghai for their next race. You can read about the team on



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